Mesh Curtains & Doors

Strip - Roll Up - Sliding Bunching


Panamerica Trade offers an assortment of Mesh Curtains and Doors ranging from Strip types to Roll Up and Sliding Bunching....Although some of these products offer similarities there are distinct differences in how these curtains function. Our strip mesh doors are composed of individual slats of strip curtain material which are then sewn onto the mesh. The pvc provide the curtain with weight and resistance to forklift and machine traffic. Our sliding curtains are fabricated from 13 oz industrial strength mesh with 18 oz perimeter borders (various colors available ). Sliding Mesh curtains come complete with galvanized sliding track systems. There are nylor trollies for every grommet in the curtain. Our roll up series mesh doors exhibit vertical side tracks and are typically motorized. A simple toggle switch is installed on the wall next to the curtain to allow the operator to easily lower and raise the curtain.