Insulated Curtain Walls

R - Factors Up to 7




  • Create moveable and changeable temperature zones to manage environments in conditioned areas
  • Increase floor plan flexibility
  • Reconfigure rooms to meet seasonal needs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Easy & low cost installation and maintenance
  • Easy to clean and repair
  • No Permits required
  • Quick Installation time 

Materials consist of a reinforced vinyl shell that is NFPA 701 fire rated ( typcially white ). Each panel also has laminated bubble foil insulation, which is ASTM-E-84 Class A Fire Rated. Grommets are placed across the top of each insulated panel ( 4-10' wide ) for easy mounting to trusses or I-beams. Each panel wall includes a floor sweep on the bottom to seal the curtain wall to the floor ( or to close any potential gap). Seams are folded over on each edge to protect from moisture and sewn with industrial thread. Double needle stitching is back-tacked on the bottom and sides of each panel to prevent unraveling. Stainless steel grommets and strip door inserts are optional.