Automotive Series Body Shop Curtains

 Painting - Sanding - Prep Stations


Panamerica Trade offers bodyshop and automotive curtains for prep stations, griding booths, paint booths, sanding booths, washbays, detailing bays and many other garage and auto/truck applications. Curtains are commonly supplied with hanging track and roller kits. Tracks are manufactured from heavy duty 14 gauge steel and are typically supplied with splice connectors and nylon rollers which hook into the grommets of the curtains. The curtains are manufactured from 18 oz industrial grade, vinyl coated mesh and 18 gauge double polished clear horizontal vision windows. Curtains can be configured as "straight runs", "L - shapes", "T - Shapes" and various other configurations. Common add-ons include velcro, floor sweeps, windows, notches, amongst other details.

Choose from Wall Mount, Threaded Rod Mount, Ceiling Mount or Chaing Link Mount Connectors...


Common Applications :

  • Prep Stations
  • Paint Booths
  • Sanding Stations
  • Wash Bay Enclosures
  • Detailing 
  • Griding and Welding Enclosures
  • Environmental Protection
  • Dust and Temperature Control
Common Features
  • 18 oz opaque top and bottom panels
  • 18 gauge clear vision windows
  • grommets at 12" centers on top
  • pockets for weight inserts
  • track and trolley kits 
  • various track connectors for easy hanging
  • webbing around curtain perimeters for extra strength
  • variety of curtain colors
  • add your logo ( extra fee )
  • Various Common Sizes 
  • quick ship 
What Makes Us Different
  • We supply 18 oz materials while other products in the marketplace supply 14 oz
  • We can custom manufacture most any design 
  • Quick Lead Times
  • We stock a broad spectrum of hardware options.
  • Our unique swivel beam clamp connectors work parallel or perpendicular to garage and warehouse truss systems. Not only can the track mount parallel to an I-beam or truss but also perpendicular and even on odd angles ( most other beam connectors are fixed which create limitations and restrict install layout options ). We do not charge extra for these.
  • Over 15 years of experience supplying bodyshop and industrial curtains ....Just give us the width and height of the area you want to cover and we will take care of the rest...
  • Our sales personnel have actually installed them.


A Leading Bus company in the USA which manufactures Hybrid buses required a larger than usual Body Shop and Paint Booth station for its growing fleet of buses. Project requirements consistend of numerous door entry ways, longer and higher than usual curtain lengths, stationay and sliding curtain walls, and custom notches. The total scope of the project required over 15,000 sf of curtain wall material, over 1000' of track and trolleys, custom upper valances to hide the truss system among other requirements. Curtains were installed with scissor lifts over a number of days. Other projects and pictures can be viewed on our pinterest and facebook albums....

Common Components

Need Strip Curtains inserted into your Body Shop Curtain ? Ask us about Soft Bottom Strip Curtains....Our unique design allows for cars to pass thru without the risk of paint scratches...
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